Elmore Services

Elmore Community Services has over twenty years experience of providing flexible floating support to people in the Oxfordshire area. We will work with you by supporting you to link with the local services that you need and work towards gaining stability in your life.

We can provide both emotional and practical support. This might include helping you to register with a GP, support to access addiction services, making sure that you have support in court or help to sort out your benefits and finances. Elmore will help you build your confidence and independence so that you will feel ready to stop working with us.

Our most recent Annual Report (2015-16) is available here: Annual Report 2015-16

You can read our Strategy for 2014 – 18 (‘Reaching the Unreachable and Changing Lives’) here: Elmore strategy 2014 – 18.

A leaflet about our services for clients can be found here: Elmore client leaflet.

A leaflet specifically for the carers of clients is available via this link: Elmore carer leaflet.

Death of Robert Elmore

We were sad to learn of the death of our co-founder Mr Robert Elmore recently. In addition to his role with the Elmore Team, Mr Elmore was a co-founder and President of the Oxford Carers’ Centre, Oxford, an early supporter and later Chairman of Guideposts, a member of the Oxfordshire Health Authority for thirteen years, and a member of the Oxfordshire Probation and After-Care Committee. He also sat as an independent members of the Standards Committee of Oxfordshire County Council, in addition to his distinguished academic career with Kellogg College, part of Oxford University. Robert’s Elmore support for vulnerable people in Oxfordshire is deeply valued and will not be forgotten. For more information, please follow this link.

Complex Needs Team

Elmore’s Complex Needs Team works with people who have complex needs and do not fit easily into other services. Clients will usually have multiple separate support needs such as mental health issues, homelessness, substance misuse, offending, difficulty in forming and sustaining relationships, physical disability, self-harm, learning difficulties, domestic abuse, sex working or experience of abuse and neglect. This team is part of the Oxford Mental Health Partnership (OMHP; see OMHP tab for further details).

Mental Health Team

The Mental Health Team works with people with a range of mental health difficulties across Oxfordshire. We work closely with local mental health services (including NHS teams) to support people manage their mental health, and work towards recovery. This team is part of the Oxford Mental Health Partnership (OMHP; see OMHP tab for further details).

Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Elmore Community Services are delighted to have been awarded a three year contract (with an option to extend for a further 2 years) by Oxfordshire County Council, who recently commissioned this intensive support service for adult survivors of CSE. It is recognised that there are still a number of extremely vulnerable adults who are sadly not accessing appropriate support services following their childhood experiences of sexual exploitation. The Elmore Trauma Team will be delivering a service from the 1st February 2017 to work with up to 30 people, who have all been child victims of sexual exploitation and whose experiences are still greatly impacting on their well-being. These individuals will likely have extremely complex needs, including problems with their mental and physical health, substance misuse, housing/homelessness, and family/other relationships. This service will work intensively with this group of vulnerable adults to reduce risky behaviours, supporting them to make positive changes and choices in their lives to improve their well-being. Elmore is very pleased to have the opportunity to continue our pioneering support to survivors.

For further information about this service or if you wish to make a referral please contact Elmore Community Services directly on 01865 200130, and ask for a member of the Trauma Team.

Tenancy Sustainment Team

Elmore receives funding from Oxford City Council to work with vulnerable council residents to help them maintain their tenancies. This can include support around their mental health, but also practical matters such as helping them apply for (and stay on) the benefits they are entitled to.

Modern Day Slavery Research Project

Elmore is currenty carrying out research into the extent of Modern Slavery in Oxford city, with funding provided by Oxford City Council. This will involve gathering data from multiple sources, including police records and interviews with frontline staff.

If you would like to learn more or would like to speak to the researchers, then information can be found here.

The Elmore Difference

Elmore Community Services (ECS) is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors. It provides high quality services for marginalised and disenfranchised people throughout Oxfordshire. Elmore was established in 1989 after an Oxford research project identified the weaknesses of service provision for people deemed ‘difficult to place’.

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Client Involvement

We think that our services are better when they are shaped by the people who use them! Elmore values the expertise and experience that you have and is committed to making sure that clients are involved in guiding the way we work.

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