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Elmore Community Services
213 Barns Road

Tel: 01865 200 130
Fax: 0871 750 1993

Or email us here. Email The Elmore Team

Elmore Community Services values all feedback and welcomes the opportunity to continuously grow, develop and learn as an organisation. Our clients, partners and stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback to the organisation by contacting us on the details above.

Making a complaint
Where possible we will try and resolve complaints using informal resolution, so if you (or someone acting on your behalf) have a complaint please contact the staff directly involved to see if the problem can be sorted out. If you are not satisfied with what happens following this, then you can make a formal complaint which will be considered by one of the managers. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please put your concerns in writing and then either email or post it to us (if you would have difficulty doing this then please call us). A manager will then contact you within 2 weeks of the complaint being received to discuss the next steps.

The agency’s full complaints procedure can be found here: Elmore Complaints Procedure.

All of the models featured in the website are not Elmore Clients and the images are used with full permission.

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  • Elmore works across Oxfordshire. 

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The Elmore Difference

Elmore Community Services (ECS) is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors. It provides high quality services for marginalised and disenfranchised people throughout Oxfordshire. Elmore was established in 1989 after an Oxford research project identified the weaknesses of service provision for people deemed ‘difficult to place’.

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Client Involvement

We think that our services are better when they are shaped by the people who use them! Elmore values the expertise and experience that you have and is committed to making sure that clients are involved in guiding the way we work.

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